Board of Deans

In 2007, the Board of Deans founded the CAMeRA to advance interdisciplinary research in the area of (new) media and interactive technology at VU University. The Board of Deans supervises the operation of CAMeRA.

Anton HemerijckProf. dr. Anton Hemerijck, Social Sciences


Van Mill

Prof. Dr. Jan van Mill, Sciences


Prof. Dr. Douwe Yntema, Humanities

Jan Passchier

Prof. Dr. Jan Passchier, Psychology and Pedagogy



Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of prominent members from the four participating faculties and research groups. This committee advises the Management Team on research proposals and funding requests.


Theo van Tilburg

Prof. Dr. Theo van Tilburg, Sociology (chair)

G. Schreiber

Prof. Dr. Guus Schreiber, Computer Science

G.J. Steen

Prof. Dr. Piek Vossen, Computational Lexicology

P. Cuijpers

Prof. Dr. Pim Cuijpers, Clinical Psychology



International Scientific Advisory Board (i-SAB)

An international Scientific Advisory Board with highly reputed scholars representing different disciplines and countries visit the CAMeRA once a year to evaluate the international merit of the research.


J. Bryant

Prof. Dr. Jennings Bryant

G. Bente

Prof. Dr. Gary Bente

A. Dix

A. Graesser

Prof. Dr. Art Graesser


Prof. Dr. Jennings Bryant, University of Alabama, former president of the International Communication Association (representing Communication Science)

Prof. Dr. Gary Bente, University of Cologne (representing Communication Psychology and Media Psychology, particularly in respect to new technology), Editor of the “Journal of Media Psychology”
Prof. Dr. Alan Dix, Lancaster University (representing Computer Science), Chief Editor of the standard textbook on Human-Computer Interaction
Prof. Dr. Art Graesser, University of Memphis (representing Letteren), former president of the International Society for the Empirical Study of Literature.


Business Advisory Board
There also will be a Business Advisory Board with representatives from the corporate world that deal with new media and technology. This board will evaluate and guide the application side of our research.