Cilma Futura




The results of CAMeRA’s studies into media and new technology are used as requirements for the improvement and development of new media and technology (working prototypes). These prototypes in their turn form the stimuli for the next rounds of experimentation to create an incremental quality cycle of fundamental research and society-oriented applications. Such applications range from document design and innovative communication formats to multimedia software. We sometimes develop our systems in collaboration with business partners, at other times our development is done at CAMeRA in house.

CAMeRA participates in designing Clima Futura, a serious game on climate change, which was initiated by the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences (Climate Center) and the Faculty of Science (Computer Science) - more...



The CAMeRA designed a multimedia presentation tool to support users in large-scale meetings at the Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel. Interactive presentation beyond the PowerPoint! - more...



CAMeRA will build several technical laboratories to conduct and facilitate research with state-of-the-art new media technology. - more...