Study day 1 Thinking about problem solving and the science of decisions

Day 1 of 3 study days which can be taken separately.

One could argue that if there is no immediate ready-made solution to an assignment, there is a problem. In order to solve a problem, different strategies can be applied. Because problems can have several solutions, decisions must be taken which solution is best.

What type of problem calls for what solution strategy, which decision system, and what these involve is the subject of this study day.

There are costs involved to participate in these study days. These will be charged in proportion to the participating units.

Dates To be determined
Location Ordina Huis in Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Teacher(s) Johan F. Hoorn, Associate Professor, Managing Director of the Center for Advanced Media Research Amsterdam (CAMeRA)
Prerequisite Knowledge and experience in systems development

General: analytical and conceptual thinking in a broader perspective. 

To be able to tell what type of problem goes with which type of problem-solving strategy and what decision system is best used in this regard.


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