The [Player] Conference


26 August 2008, Copenhagen (Denmark)


Peter Vorderer gives a keynote speech at the "The [Player]" Conference

In August 2008 Peter Vorder gave an invited keynote address at "The [Player]" Conference (August, 26th – 29th,  2008), Center for Computer Games Research, IT-University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark. The address was titled: "Who is the Player? And why do we care?".


"There is no escaping the player in games research. Whether the focus is on formal aspects of games or on studies of actual gamers, the player is an intrinsic part of the gaming situation. Despite this, the underlying assumptions that inform the notion of the player are often not made explicit in the work of game scholars, regardless of their academic background. This is problematic in itself, but even more so in the inter-disciplinary field of games research where unclear terminology may cloud communication across the borders of academic traditions.


The central focus for The [Player] Conference is to uncover the assumptions that inform our work as game scholars with regards to the player and to consider how we think about and study the player as embodied, represented, derived, historical, idealised - to mention only a few of the positions the notion of player may be put in."

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