International Congres of Psychology


20 July 2008, Berlin (Germany)


Peter Vorderer give a presentation at the International Congress of Psychology in Berlin

In July 2008 Peter Vorder gave a presentation at the International Congress of Psychology in Berlin (July, 20th – 25th, 2008). The presentation was titled: "Does Media Entertainment have a Long-Lasting Impact on its Users?"


"What was long apparent is now a certainty: The XXIX International Congress of Psychology 2008 (ICP 2008), taking place in Berlin from the 20. to 25. July, will be the largest world congress of psychology of all time. At the time of writing there have already been more than 7300 registrations.


The congress will cover a broad range of themes, dealing with all facets of psychology as a science of human behaviour and experience. Among other things, the effectiveness of early childhood advancement and different types of parent training, the newest developments in neuropsychology and in research on cognition and emotions will be examined from both a theoretical and practical angle. Other topics will cover strategies for stress coping, the influence of vulnerability or robustness on general health as well as healthy aging, the treatment and prevention of, or intervention in, eating disorders, innumeracy etc. Additionally, subjects such as the correlation between management styles, innovation, and work satisfaction will be examined in the context of work- and organisational psychology or the form of work processes in complex human-machine systems."

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