Mediated Entertainment and Knowledge

30-31 October 2008, Aarhus (Denmark)


Peter Vorderer gives a keynote speech at the Mediated Entertainment and Knowledge Symposium

On October 30th, 2008 Peter Vorder will give an invited keynote address at Mediated Entertainment and Knowledge Symposium (October, 30th – 31th,  2008), at the Unitversity of Aarhus, Denmark. The address is titled: "Entertainment: A Psychological Approach ".



This presentation will outline a new Two-Level Model of Entertainment Motivation by bringing together and elaborate what used to be labeled “pleasure” and “appreciation”, respectively. Pleasure has mainly been studied as a response to media content within Communication, where researchers conceptualized it as “enjoyment”, often referring to moodregulating processes that seem to guide selection processes. And within Psychology, where in the tradition of Berlyne the properties of a stimulus were seen as evoking “comprehension”, which in turn is experienced pleasantly. More recently, however, Self-Determination Theory has also shown that many actions are motivated by more abstract, higher-order needs, such as “autonomy”, “competence”, and “relatedness”, and these motives are also guiding exposure to communication and media content. In contrast to pleasure this dimension of motivation can be labeled “appreciation”. The presentation will deal with both levels of motivation for entertainment and show how they relate to different forms of content, for different people, and in different situations.

For more information see the symposium flyer.


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