Women's perspectives


2 October 2008


Peter Vorderer gave a radio interview for the Michael Cohen Group.

The Michael Cohen Group LLC is an independent research and public opinion firm with expertise in education, human development, media, marketing, public policy and strategic communications.  They are undertaking an exploratory study on contemporary women with a focus on stress and coping strategies.

The goal of the project it to provide a perspective on women today from a variety of expert vantage points -- including the social sciences, business, public policy, and communications -- from both academia and commerce.


Specific areas that we are interested in include:

  • Women and their relationship with leisure and its role in relieving stress
  • How stressors and the role of leisure have changed for women in recent history
  • How stressors and the role of leisure vary for men and women
  • Relationship of life stage, socio-economic status, religion, race, ethnicity and other variables to stress and women’s leisure choices
  • Role of media as both stressor and as a form of leisure
    The Michael Cohen Group LLC is located in Soho in New York City.  Please visit the website for more information about the firm