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A2E2 granted



The European Commission recently granted 2,3 Million Euro to an interdisciplinary and international research and development endeavour within the Ambient Assisted Living Call under the lead of CAMeRA's professor Ute Ritterfeld. This endeavour is the ‘Adaptive Ambient Empowerment of the Elderly’ or A2E2 for short.

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The grant is also a news item on the VU website (in Dutch).

Translation of the news item :

CAMeRA receives substantial subsidy for research

The European Committee has recently awarded 2.3 million to a interdisciplinary and international research and development program in which a research team of the Center for Advanced Media Research is partaking.

The project is called 'Adaptive Ambient Empowerment of the Elderly'. The CAMeRA team is headed by CAMeRA-professor Ute Ritterfeld along with researcher Peter Roelofsma and PhD-student Misha van den Bosch.

A2E2 strives to prevent and manage two of the most common diseases for the elderly; diabetes and heart and vascular diseases, by altering their lifestyle. It hopes to do so by combining modern psychological insight into the requirements for a durable change and the latest technology. The ICT solution offered by A2E2 adapts to the environment of the elderly and subsequently stimulates them change their lifestyle and achieve a higher quality of living