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GCO; Minus and Plus

What is the Sum of Minus and Plus? A Synopsis of Risks and Positive Effects.

From 31 July to 2 August 2009, the Leipziger Messe presented the GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE – the first separate platform in Europe for what is now the most dynamic market in the game industry: browser, client and mobile games. The GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE was accompanied by an international Dialogue Conference as part of the Business Center in Leipzig.

The conference programme drawn up by the Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research at the University of Hamburg consisted during the central part of three tracks with different priorities that ran simultaneously:

Industry, Technology and Services
Usage and Effects
Society and Politics

The shared aim was to facilitate fruitful exchange of experiences, findings and perspectives between the industry, scientific research and social protagonists. While the track "Industry, Technology, and Services" focused on the industries' players, business strategies, technologies and techniques used as well as individual games, the track "Usage and Effects" had a close look into the question of how and in what contexts certain groups of users use different games as well as what impacts such usages may have on individuals. During the track "Society and Politics", questions regarding possible consequences for society as well as for culture were dealt with. Moreover, this track focused on the legal challenges that policy and civil society groups currently face.


Christian Roth was summing up the track Usage and Effects with his lecture and extending it with the crucial question: What is the Sum of Minus and Plus? Within his Synopsis of Risks and Positive Effects he emphasized the role of the individual when it comes to transfer effects. Games are not good or bad per se. It depends on many impact factors. Who is playing what, why and how? In the last part of his presentation, Christian Roth focused on the way we deal with the topic of media effects. He connected the societal and political situation with the concept of moral panic, digital shift and digital gap to give a broader idea of the different layers and purposes of the ongoing discussion.


Mister Roth also gave an interview for German radio at the conference of which you can find the audiofile below:


Deutschlandfunk Interview on gaming with Christian Roth