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For the time being the State-of-the-Art graphics workstations of the GAME CELLA’ will be placed at the MediaXperience on the 1st floor of the main building. The MediaXperience is a digital place, aimed at current and future information requirements for academic researchers. There are rooms for videoconferencing and/or focus group interviews, booths for video editing and group tables for team work efforts. All the walls have a large supply of outlets for energy and internet.


Researchers and students can now take advantage of the powerful graphical capabilities of these machines to create and test high graphic gaming, 3D modelling, and general image and video creation and editing.


The machines have a Intel Core i7 processor (3.02GHz) with a Extreme Edition 965 chip set. They come with 6GB of memory, 1.2TB HDD and a 1GB nVidea GeForce GTX280 graphics card. For optimal data entry and control a Wacom Intuos3 (A5 format) tablet is available. For monitor we use a Samsung T240 (24”) display which have one of the largest gamut ranges in the affordable monitor segment. To complete the setup each computer has a Sennheiser PC151 headphones with microphone.


They come installed with several different 3D modelling programs including the latest Autodesk 3DS Max version 2010. Of course Adobe Web Design Premium CS4 is also installed.

If you want to use the machines but would like specific software installed, please contact Marco Otte. He will assist you in getting the most out of the equipment.




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