Johan Hoorn receiving hardware


Production suite computers








CAMeRA is busy creating the Game Cella’ with enough Mb-power for game development and VR experimentation in the ‘production suite’, a ‘feel @ home media lab’ and a ‘test battery’ to conduct several experiments on gaming. Even boxed-up the hardware for the media labs hardly fit in the offices of CAMeRA. Johan Hoorn was excited when the hardware arrived, proud of ‘his’ top-notch research facility to be.


Using laser techniques the room for the ‘feel @ home media lab’ is exactly measured. Here the testing of new ways to control virtual space will take place and every centimeter must be gauged correctly. A 3.5 meter wide projection screen is waiting to be securely mounted onto the wall and Fatboys and comfy couch have been ordered.  The huge screen will be used in experiments on the effects of big-screen-gaming as well as 2D versus 3D effects. Wii and other consoles will be installed for the subjects gaming pleasure. All of this is in the same room as CAMeRA’s executive assistant and student assistants. Perhaps as the last touch to the ‘feel @ home’ atmosphere, the lab will therefore include adults doing something else entirely while the subject is playing a videogame.


In the ‘production suite’ several state-of-the-art computers are standing side by side waiting to be used for research on game development and VR experiments. The slick aerodynamic design of the PCs (why do desktops need aerodynamics?) already boosts the power inside. Game graphics have been skyrocketing for quite some time now; in order to keep up with these advancements one needs a hefty machine and these machines look up to the task. Of course one cannot put such beautiful machinery in a cold, damp environment so this cellar is on the fifth floor, sharing its room with several CAMeRA’s Phd students and gaming lab man Marco Otte.


 The ‘test battery’ has yet to arrive. Several sets of computer/console/screen/chair providing the researcher with endless possibilities as to experimental environment. Snatch and grab settings or instant gaming labs if you will. This ‘test battery’ will be kept in the same room as the ‘feel @ home media lab’ but is in no way limited to it. Hopefully all the furniture and final arrangements will be ready by the end of May. We will keep you updated on further developments.