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Gratch; best paper and president at ACII 2009


Jonathan Gratch, one of CAMeRA’s fellows, has received the honour of best paper at the Conference on Affective Computing an Intelligent Interaction ( This conference explored the role of the emotions in computational systems. Research presented included techniques for detecting emotion in human speech, physiological signals and expressive behaviour; for modelling human emotional cognitions; and for creating more emotionally-aware and human-centric interfaces. You can download the paper below.


Jonathan Gratch also accepted the function of president of the HUMAINE Association, the professional society for the advancement of research on emotion in human-machine interaction. HUMAINE is the governing body behind the organization of the affective computing conference and in other activities that promote research in this area, including helping to create a recently announced journal on this topic:  IEEE Transactions on Affective
Computing.  Information on HUMAINE can be found here:


Best paper at ACII 2009:

Jonathan Gratch, Stacy Marsella, Ning Wang, Brooke Stankovic. Assessing the validity of appraisal-based models of emotion. International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction. Amsterdam, IEEE, 2009.