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Serious Games; mechanisms and effects

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Serious games provides a thorough exploration of the claim that playing games can facilitatie learning that is deep, sustained, and transferable to the real world. Contributors investigate the psychological mechanisms that take place not only during gaming, but also in game selection, persistent play, and gaming impact. Focusing on the desirable outcomes of digital game play, the volume editors distinguish between three possible effects - leaning, development, and change. Contributions from internationally recognized scolars focus on five objectives;

  • define the area of serious games
  • elaborate on the underlying theories that explain suggested psychological mechanisms elicited through serious game

play, addressing cognitive, affective, and social processes

  • summarize the empirical evidence on the effectiveness of serious games
  • introduce innovative research methods as a response to methodological challenges imposed through interactive media
  • discuss the possibilities and limitations of selected applications for educational purposes


ISBN 978-0-415-99370-8