Arts Faculty successful in Open Competition Humanities
The Arts Faculty has landed a research program in the Open Competition of the Humanities branch of the Netherlands Organizartion for Scientific Research NWO. The program will investigate the nature, function and processing of metaphor in visuals and is called ‘Visual metaphor: A psycholinguistic approach’.
The past three decades have seen a vast amount of research on the ways in which people process metaphor in language. This new program asks whether the findings of metaphor in language can be employed to describe and explain metaphor processing in visuals. The focus of the program is on metaphor in advertisements and cartoons.
The research will be carried out at three universities: a postdoc will be located at VU University and develop a method for visual metaphor identification and analysis (supervision by professor Wilbert Spooren and professor Gerard Steen); and one PhD each will be located at Radboud University Nijmegen (supervision by professor Hans Hoeken and professor Margot van Mulken) and University of Tilburg (supervision by professor Fons Maes and dr Joost Schilperoord). The program is directed by Gerard Steen at VU University, who is also director of the NWO Vici-project ‘Metaphor in discourse’. The project has started 1 February 2009.