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The World eDemocracy Forum

rewards EU Profiler with the e-Democracy Award

For the past five years, the World e-Democracy Forum has rewarded those who have made a commitment to carry out meaningful political change through use of the Internet and new technologies. Together with the other 9 finalists, EU Profiler, developed by the European University Institute, will receive its trophy at the ceremony to be held during the French National Assembly on Thursday, October 22nd, in partnership with the American web portal PoliticsOnline, the Politech Institute of Europe and Blog Territorial.


At the international level, this is the most renowned award in the field of e-democracy.


The European University Institute (Florence, Italy) and its technical partners (the Swiss NCCR Democracy and the Dutch Kieskompas) developed EU Profiler at the beginning of this year. Its objective was to help EU citizens make their choice for whom to vote at this year's European Parliament elections, as well as to analyse the political preferences and voting behaviour of the European electorate. In replying to thirty simple questions pertinent to the main issues of this electoral campaign, EU citizens could, for the first time ever, express their opinion on the most important topics relevant to the future of Europe - immigration, energy, social policies, global warming, security, unemployment and European integration. By doing so, they were able to easily identify the party that best corresponded to their expectations and ideas on the future of the European Union.


Kieskompas has been a huge success in the Netherlands and abroad lead by André Krouwel, one of CAMeRA's researchers. This latest award reaffirms the success and future potential of this research and development program.


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