CAMeRA leads VU in OpenSIM pilot project
The SurfNet foundation has started a pilot project (ending by the end of 2009) to examine the posibilities of the OpenSIM platform to serve as a virtual educational environment for the higher educational institutions in the Netherlands.

The project will examine the pros and cons of creating an OpenSIM grid between the participating institutes. SurfNet willl host the central gridserver and provide several regions for institutes to start on short term. The participants will be able to not only test the technological side of this platform, but also try their hands at creating content and examine interaction posibilities to enhance the standard functionalities of OpenSIM.

CAMeRA has, together with the UBVU, FEWEB, FdR, and the UC-IT of the VU University Amsterdam, joined this pilot project. With the other VU participants we will try to setup a trail that will serve as a possible starting point of a prolonged CAMeRA and VU University presence in the OpenSIM virtual world. The UC-IT has been so kind to offer to supply the needed hardware and OS software to setup our own region server that will connect to the central SurfNet girdserver.

Other participants are: Fontys Hogescholen, University of Utrecht, Police Academy, Hogeschool Leiden, Hogeschool Utrecht, Haagse Hogeschool, Waag Society, and the University of Tilburg.

We will keep you up-to-date on the progress of this project through this website.