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The sense and nonsense of maximizing happiness.

What is happiness? How do you live a happy life? Why would one strive for happiness at all? These and other questions will be discussed at the Veritas Amsterdam forum on the 16th of November. Taking part in this multidisciplinary debate are professor dr. Paul Schnabel ( a sociologist, professor at UU and director of the Social Cultural Planning agency), professor dr. Roos Vonk (professor Social Psychology RUN) and professor dr. René van Woudenberg (professor philosophy and dean of the Philosophy faculty VU). This forum discussion will take place in the largest lecture hall of the main building (KC-07) at 19:30hours.

The heart of the debate is the question of whether controlling our own happiness is even possible and if so then how should or could this be handled. The three professors will each give a short overview on the topic viewed from their specific discipline. The audience is invited to actively take part in this open discussion.


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