Web surveys
Traditional methods slowly become outdated. Response rates are declining, the consumer is less willing to participate, the research is expensive (money and time wise), samples become smaller, and all this reduces the quality of the data. Online research, however, enjoys growing popularity. The advantages of online research are well known in the market: fast, easy to set up, relatively inexpensive, and dynamic in nature. Adding multimedia to your questionnaire is no problem. The Internet survey thus has found its place among oral, telephone, and written questionnaires.


CAMeRA’s eXamine is used by many organizations to do satisfaction surveys, scientific research, polls, reviews, online exams, and to create electronic forms. It is the VU University-wide standard tool for survey design. Principal investigators are Peter Roelofsma and Adriaan Hoogendoorn (Methods Dept., Social Sciences).

In September 2007, CAMeRA’s eXamine became a commercial spin-off with customers in the corporate world.