Language, Cognition, Communication (LCC) Programme


The focus of the LCC programme is on language use and multimodal communication in various media: spoken and written language use in several media, with special attention to the new media (Computer-Mediated Communication, or CMC, including, e.g., the use of the internet, mobile-phone, human-computer-interaction, and human-computer-human-interaction). These phenomena are studied in institutional interaction and in the mass media (newspapers, radio, television), with special attention to their international context in the Netherlands (use of Dutch, English, German, French, and other modern languages). For more details, click here.


LCC Group Members
The LCC programme brings into CAMeRA three closely related groups of researchers from the Department of Language and Communication in the Arts Faculty, led by three professors: Computational Lexicology (professor Piek Vossen), English Language and Linguistics (professor Mike Hannay), and Language and Communication (professor Wilbert Spooren). For a complete list of names and links to homepages, click here.


A number of new research projects have been funded by the Faculty of Arts and CAMeRA and will start by the end of 2008; for a list of project summaries, click here. Current research projects in the LCC group are also fed into CAMeRA: for an overview, click here.


The LCC group holds regular meetings to discuss on-going research. For a calendar of talks, click here.


Key publications
A good impression of the major concerns of the LCC programme can be obtained from this list of selected key publications: click here.


Members of the LCC group are active in the organization of conferences and workshops at VU University Amsterdam and elsewhere, are invited to give plenary and keynote talks, have won prizes, and produced major new publications. For more information, click here.


LCC research feeds into the Arts Faculty’s MA programmes ‘Communication and Information Science’, ‘English Language and Linguistics’, ‘ICT and translation’, ‘Journalism’, and the MPhil programme in linguistics.

Useful links
The LCC group has links with many other research groups and institutions, and with learned associations; for more details, click here.

The LCC programme is directed by professor Gerard Steen, and has a scientific board comprised of professor Irene Costera Meijer, professor Mike Hannay, professor Wilbert Spooren, professor Gerard Steen, and professor Piek Vossen.

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