Public Communication of Science & Technology


CAMeRA stimulates the communication of science and technology developed at the VU University. We see it as our academic duty to valorize scientific knowledge. On the practical side, the VU already has platforms such as the VU podium, the Da Vinci Institute, and a master differentiation in the Earth and Life Sciences.

With regard to the mission of the CAMeRA, a university-wide research program is important because from the very beginning we need to communicate scientific concepts, paradigms, and results among the faculties that participate in the CAMeRA. We also need to communicate science and technology with our industrial partners to bring our findings to the market, and communicate the challenges and opportunities of those new technological findings to the public in view of their wellbeing.


Discovery is a festival for live music, live scientific research, DJs, VJs, cocktails, film, installations, performances, experiments, visuals, games, and presentations - more...


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